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The study of law is carried out in Law schools that offer various legal specialties under the various and numerous branches of law that exist. These institutions offer different legal studies based on the field of coverage in which an individual may be interested such as environmental law, criminal law, constitutional law-just to mention but a few. Legal studies are all about the interpretation of statutes and the analysis of the legality of situations and acts of the involved parties. Just like any other academic institutions Law school uses essays as the basis of most assessment, and as such essays on legal issues are the basic assessment tool used in both the formal and informal set ups of assessment. Essays take various forms and these forms may include argumentative forms, descriptive forms, illustration forms, expository forms or many other numerous forms that exist. The choice of the author of a school essay depends on how she or he may wish to tackle the legal issue of concern.
Law school essays are just like any other essay and they may take on any form of academic writing style, however; they do differ on the aspect of formatting. The formatting of a law school essay is quite different compared to the common school essay format used e.g. the IMRAD (introduction, methodologies, results, analysis and discussion). The format that law school essays follow has an acronym denoted by IRAC. IRAC stands for Issue, Rules, Application or analysis and finally the conclusion. Each of these letters in the acronym of the format stands for a certain aspect of the issue being tackled in the law school essay. The issue section of a law school essay states the question that is being scrutinized or highlighted under legal terms. Whereas, the rules section of the law school essay states the relevant and essential rules under law that are necessary in dealing with the issue, and in complicated cases these rules may be numerous. Under the rules section of a law school essay, these laws are all stated and well expounded in context. This section of the law school essay reduces the information in the issue into sections or relevant law.
The subsequent section in the law school essay is the analysis or application section, this section highlights the relevant rules in view of the issue at hand and thus relating the rules to specific aspects of the issue of concern. In this section an argumentative approach is used in which case the author clearly states why a specific rule is important and related to specific aspects of the issue in the law school essay. The final section of a law school essay is the conclusion section. This section of the law school essay offers legal solutions to the issue presented within the law school essay. The most important factor as one draws a conclusion in a law school essay is to avoid the introduction of any new laws that have not been previously mentioned within the law school essay. The only thing that the conclusion section of a law school essay should present is statement of the issue as presented within the law school essay. Thereafter, it should provide an answer to the issue that is already presented. These are the basic sections that should be included in a good law school essay.


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Law School Essay

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This article was published on 2010/11/29