Law or presummed to be Law?

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Law or Presumed to be Law?

Law societies, the legal profession, courts, governments do not like it when people like me talk about law, represent ourselves in court, write about law, or even give a friend advice if it concerns law. Fact is they believe they have created a monopoly.

Why this is, is the purpose for this article. This is about power and control. Justice for profit. Perversion of law. Lording it over mankind, pompous pride.

What is law and justice if not the firmest pillar of society. Now here is why they don't like people like me, I will come straight out and say that in truth,fact and law the entire justice system has been hijacked, with all the facts and explanations revealed so any thinking human being can understand and relate too.

I am of the belief there is nothing worse than a man that believes falsely that he is free. I like nothing more than helping change these false beliefs. Without law there is anarchy, with perverted law(what we have today) you have controlled anarchy.

Fabric of society is a term frequently used, the fabric I discuss here is a perversion of law that has become the fabric. The only analogy I can use to to get the point across is when Christ said my Kingdom is not of this world.

Injustice has become the way of the world. The number one reason how this happened, the justice system has been privatized. That's right courts are now businesses and they are doing quite well, the shareholders(those involved within the justice system)from top to bottom do rather well compared to the rest of us peasants.

One must not forget there is" force and effect of law", that comes with law. Perversion of law puts perversion of power in the same bed. So what is the real purpose of the law society except to maintain this monopoly.

For example, I would be breaking the law if I charged someone for representation in court. I could even be charged for selling legal information. People are intimidated into hiring lawyers by the courts. Why, it's good for business!

One more example that should make it clear to you if you are one of the people who have doubts about what my article is about. Companies that state"they are required to do something by law". First, who advised them they are required to do something by law if it was not some (practicing) lawyer? Second point, even if they were advised by a lawyer who is ultimately responsible?

Just because someone or some company "presumed" something to be law(even if they were told by a lawyer it was) it does not make it past the litmus test of, (ignorance of the law is no excuse). I use this as the example because so many companies state they have to send reports on earnings made by independent business people into the tax man, Which in truth, fact and law is a lie.

Think your free? Understand now how law is being used contrary to it's intended purpose. Feel all the hands in your pockets? Need to know more and what to do? I have quite a few articles online and a blog where I write.

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Law or presummed to be Law?

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This article was published on 2010/11/06