Essential law firm public relations tactics

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Law firms like any other service cannot quite get the same type or amount of publicity as say a product manufacturer. At Makovsky + Company, we understand this very well, as we are in the service sector. How we mange our image and get media exposure is a complex amalgamation of marketing and tactful publishing of relevant information to potential clients. The same methods would be most suited for your law firm, and if you are reading this article or have heard about us, than I would say that is proof of our ability to deliver when it comes to law firm public relations.


So, what exactly are we doing, and does it really lead to substantial benefits? The answer to the first question depends upon what exactly you want to achieve by having us work on your law firm public relations. Perhaps you want to get more in touch with former clients, so you maintain their loyalty, or perhaps you need to get your name out among either the general public or a certain industry to attract more clients. Or maybe you just want people to know about your law expertise by having your opinion published in scholarly journals. Our solutions to these law firm public relations needs are often interconnected and part of a much broader approach.


We will assess where you are, and determine what tactics will get you to where you want to be. These law firm public relations tactics may include sending out mailers, letters, publishing articles in law journals and newspapers and social media promotion. However, we do not limit ourselves to the expected and generic. We at Makovsky + Company will go beyond what is expected in law firm public relations.


Our slogan, the power of specialized thinking is such for a reason. It demonstrates our ability to think outside of the box and even toss it out when dealing with law firm public relations. For over 3 decades, we have been designing and refining some of the best law firm public relations campaigns in the country. We understand what it takes to run a service based business and have acquired a lot of knowledge over the years about what exactly makes for a successful law firm public relations campaign.


The answer to the second question is really rather subjective, but we can guarantee the visibility of your law practice will increase and the quality of your image will also improve. This will most likely translate into a stronger law firm, as both client retention rates and new client inquires grow. While this is not necessarily foolproof, it should translate to increased sales and prestige. So the only thing you have to lose by not using a law firm public relations firm is a better business and more clients.


In our estimation, if you can see the benefits of pursuing public relations, there is no reason not to use the best law firm public relations firm out there. You would always want the best lawyer to represent you, so why wouldn’t you want the best public relations firm to represent you?

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Essential law firm public relations tactics

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Essential law firm public relations tactics

This article was published on 2011/12/17